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Dubliners: Audience Feedback

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What our audiences say!
My son and I enjoyed this audio tour so much-we are raving about it to our family and friends. Congratulations, it was brilliant. - Brid

Many, many thanks for such an enthralling and engrossing Dubliners tour. We loved it and it has encouraged both reading and walking for us both.

The adaptation of the stories and the amazing production really brought the streets to life. We discovered places we had never visited before - and saw streets we thought we knew well through different eyes as the different tales unfolded. An incredible way to see the city! We had a wonderful day in Dublin, saw the city with fresh eyes because of your fantastic tour and spent that evening comparing our pleasantly aching limbs! Thank you so much and we look forward to seeing The Picture of Dorian Gray. - Sarah

Evocative, atmospheric and wonderfully emotional. Sitting at the candlelit dining table in The House of the Dead with the ghosts of Joyce's characters hovering all around me is something I'll never forget. I almost felt I could see their faces. - Naomi

What a great idea! What a great day out for a Dubliner - I've lived here all my life but today I saw my city with new eyes, as Joyce's Dublin came to life in the streets all around me. - Susan

Very enjoyable indeed - we are already planning to come back to do Chapelizod and the Docklands parts of the tour. - Niall

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